Combat Ohana – Grappling tournament

How to register?

Please visit this link: REGISTER

If you have any questions, please send an email to:


Weightclasses: -70, -80, -90, +90

  • Starter: white belt // less than 9 months experience
  • Beginner: white belt // more than 9 months experience
  • Advanced blue belt or higher // more 2 years experience

Location, date and start time

Location: Liniestraat 23, 4816BG Breda, Netherlands
Date: 16-02-19
Start time: 12:00
Weight ins: 10:30-11:30 (all divisions!)

Tournament format

Tournament will be based on a poule system so that you can gain the maximum experience!

Timecap per match for each division:

  • Starts: 4min
  • Beginners 5min
  • Advanced: 6min

How You Can Win?

The winner will be decided according to:

  • If one competitor gives up or submits by tapping (or verbally tapping).
  • If referee feels one competitor is unable to defend himself or feels his life is in danger, the referee will declare the winner.
  • If a fighter breaks the rules he will be disqualified by the referee!

Winning By:

  • Submission
  • Referee Decision: if there is no submission in the time limit, the referee will select the winner based on:
    • Submission attempts
    • Control/dominance

Legal Techniques:

  • Any kind of choke***except for using the hand to close the wind pipe
  • Any arm bar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock

Clothing rules:

  • Standard uniform which will be approved: rashguard and shorts/spats
  • No loose t-shirts
  • No shorts with zippers
  • No GI pants
  • No groin cups

Illegal Techniques:

  • No heel hooks in starters and beginners division
  • No jumping closed guard in starters and beginners division
  • No slamming
  • No blaming
  • Full Nelson
  • No striking of any kind
  • No eye gouging or fish hooking
  • No grabbing the ears
  • No hair pulling
  • No finger holds
  • No thumbing
  • No scratching and pinching
  • No kicking
  • No biting
  • No touching groin area
  • No hands, knees or elbows on face
  • No slippery substances allowed on body or clothing